Helping Bereaved Families complete the required paperwork following the loss of a loved one.

The death of a loved one is a time of emotional upheaval for family and friends. There can be feelings of tremendous loss, regret, loneliness, grief and a sense of being overwhelmed by the details that need to be taken care of. It is difficult for families to know what to do first and how to cope with the legalities and paperwork that inevitable follows a death.

Lannin's Aftercare Service understands both the sorrow and the necessity of dealing with the details in a timely manner. We offer personal, sensitive and confidential support to bereaved families confronted with the task of registering a death and notifying all the necessary government, pension, service and business organizations.

While many funeral services provide a checklist of the numerous details that have to be taken care of after the loss of a loved one, Lannin's Aftercare Service goes one step further and actually completes the work. We help with the following:

     • Government benefits and departments (such as Canada Pension Benefits, Revenue Canada and others)
     • Credit card companies
     • Life insurance companies
     • Car, home and other property insurance matters
     • Municipal tax offices
     • Utilities and communications companies
     • Security systems
     • Subscriptions and memberships

Lannin's Aftercare Service in no way replaces your legal or financial service advisors, but compliments them by expediting this immediate stage of the process.