We pride ourselves on being one of the funeral homes offering the best service in the area, given our level of professionalism, quality of facilities, and ethical standards. We are not a "discount" funeral home and as such, we do not offer a level of service that could be considered discounted. Providing ultimate service to our families is our number one priority. 

Today, through some research, consumers and families can learn first hand that there are differences between funeral homes. Today, simply being good is not good enough. We trust that our level of service will give you one more reason to give Lannin Funeral Home & Chapel serious consideration when seeking a funeral home that is pro-actively working towards providing you the highest standards of products, services and facilities while offering creative and unique solutions for your best value. 

In doing so, Lannin Funeral Home & Chapel is pleased to provide you with a copy of our current price list. To help you understand funeral costs, we have prepared an outline of the categories that make up a funeral account. There are basically three sections that make up the total funeral account: Professional Service Charges, Casket and/or Cremation Container and Merchandise Selections, and Cash Disbursements.


Professional Service Charges include items such as: staff to provide 24 hour on call service, transfer of the deceased from place of death to funeral home, basic preparation and sanitization of the deceased, staff assistance in the initial request for service and arrangement conference; coordination of details with respect to the cemetery, crematorium and other parties responsible for final disposition arrangements; record keeping and clerical assistance, including preparation and filing of permits required by the government, Funeral Director's Statement of Death certificates, and other required documents; preparation and delivery of obituary notices; provision of benefit information and other helpful information; obtaining a signed medical certificate; associated vehicle costs; general building use (arrangement offices, visitation areas, business offices, preparation area, etc.); use of facilities for service and/or use of staff and equipment for services taking place outside the funeral home. 


This section is specific to the casket or cremation container that a family selects. Most of our caskets, cremation containers and merchandise is priced separately - meaning the price you see for the casket is for the casket itself with no other items included that can sometimes become confusing to families. We also provide packages with our ceremonial (rental) caskets that are used for cremation. These packages include a ceremonial casket, cremation container, and a choice of urn. 

Some of the other types of merchandise you might find in this section of the funeral account are: Burial/Urn Vaults, Cremation Urns, Cremation Jewellery, Limousines, and Stationary packages or video packages.


Cash Disbursements are fees outside of the funeral home that we will take care of on your behalf. Some of these fees may include obituary notices, floral arrangements, minister's honorariums, organists, soloist and reception costs.


Cheque, Cash, Debit, Credit Cards, or Money Orders.